concerts in the park

The concerts in the park have ended for the summer.

Concerts start around 6:30 on Thursday nights, although no one seems to mind if they run a bit late. Folks start arriving around 6:00 to set up folding yard chairs and get their ice cream and pie. Different groups and clubs take turns sponsoring the ice cream social. When The Old House Society sponsors the ice cream social, I take over my chocolate cake. Joan takes her rhubarb pie. Dave usually has the job of dipping the ice cream.

Some of the fun (although I shouldn’t admit this) is watching from our front porch as folks parallel park. The average age of the audience might be around 70 or so. Parallel parking becomes a group effort, with the wife getting out and directing from the curb. Mostly, they do just fine. We park in back though, just in case.

The little community band begins with The Star Spangled Banner. Then they play a few show tunes and some Sousa marches. From the front porch, everything sounds a bit like Begin the Beguine. The concert always ends with Amazing Grace.

I’m sorry to see the concerts end. As sure a sign of fall as students returning to campus, is the end of the concerts in the park.