Biking in 2011

by Kay

This year, I made a goal to bike a lot. At first, my goal was 1,500 miles. I’d biked 1,336 the year before, so 1,500 miles seemed possible. But I got to 1,500 in May so I changed my goal to 2,400 miles, probably because the math was easy. But, I got there in October. Finally, I decided on 3,000 as my goal for the year.

Maybe later I’ll think about my constant readjustment of goals and what that says about me. Mostly, I just want to keep moving.

Here’s how I did:

  1. I rode 3,041 miles this year.
  2. I rode on 155 days.
  3. Average speed was 18.64 miles per hour.
  4. This took 165 hours and 19 minutes.
  5. According to some website, I burned 107,474 calories, based on weight and my estimate that all rides were “moderate” activity. Still, the only weight I lost was when I had the flu for a week last January.
  6. Average distance per ride was 19.6 miles.
  7. The shortest ride was 1.5 miles.
  8. The longest was 53 miles. That was the Pedaling for Kicks group ride in July. Tom rode 67 miles on that ride!
  9. My average heart rate was 135.
  10. My average maximum heart rate was 175.
  11. Accidents: I fell on the long Pedaling for Kicks ride. The hill was steep and I was going so slowly I just sort of tipped over, like that guy on Laugh-In.
  12. Dumbest ride: I rode 20 miles alone out to Dixie Truck Stop. Don’t believe anyone who tells you old Route 66 doesn’t have much traffic.
  13. Second dumbest ride: Riding back from Dixie Truck Stop. Should have called Vicki to come pick me up.
  14. Lots of these miles are spinning miles. They’re the hardest miles of all. I might not spin if it weren’t for my friend Zianne. She teaches at Four Seasons. She’s nice, gives us recovery time, and has good playlists.
  15. Most fun: Riding in Ann Arbor with Liem and Eric and Sarah in early spring was the best. We rode through a park flooded and muddy from spring rains. We careened down a steep grassy hill and I wasn’t too afraid. Then we stopped for hot chocolate.

Altogether, 3,041 miles is enough to pedal from our house to Madison to see our friend Cathy. Then we could ride to Indiana to see my sister and family. Then we’ll head north to Ann Arbor to pick up Sarah and Eric and Liem. Then we’ll all ride to Louisville to give Reva a hug before heading to California to see Katie. I’m sure Katie would come get us a few miles outside of Los Angeles, so we don’t have to bike on the LA freeways. The LA freeways would be dumber than biking to Dixie Truck Stop.

Next year, my goal will be to bike back home.