making a light box

by Kay

I made a light box from 1/2 inch PVC pipe for less than $10. The instructions couldn’t be written more clearly. If you buy PVC at Lowe’s, have the guy cut it. Unless you have a PVC pipe cutter. Then I bow down before you and you totally should cut it yourself.

Light boxes online come with a baffling array of expensive bulbs:

  • 11 watt florescent with 5400 K daylight
  • 250 watt tungsten with 3200 K lamps
  • 500 watt flood lights
  • 15 watt florescent with 5000 K balanced light
  • 250 watt monolights

I bought inexpensive bulbs from Lowe’s with Kelvin rating of 6500 and a clean, white light. I also bought cheap clip-on reflector work lights.

Tom added two sheet metal screws to the top rail. I punched holes in poster board and hung it from the screws to form a backdrop. Easy peasy.