Weight, trend data, and the flu

I may not keep a journal, or even post regularly in my blog, but when it comes to weighing myself, I’m religious. Since 2009, I’ve tracked my weight daily on my iPhone, using an app called Weight-Bot. The app displays a trend line.

In 2009, I lost about 20 pounds. I wanted to be a little more confident when I attended my daughter’s college graduation. I worked hard at that weight loss:

In 2010, I gained some of the weight back:

See the dip in January of 2011? That was the flu. As you can see, I got well:

In 2012 I seem to be holding steady:

I have no thoughtful reason for setting my goal weight where I have it. Perhaps I’m at my goal right now. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I bike and do Pilates and lift weights. Maybe I should change my goal weight. I’ll think about that.