An Open Letter to Congressman Darin LaHood

by Kay

February 2, 2017

The Honorable Darin LaHood

United States House of Representatives


Dear Mr. LaHood,

I’m from a proud military family. I lost family in WWII and Vietnam. My dad was wounded in the Philippines, and my great-grandpa in the Civil War. My nephew is now deployed on the USS Carl Vinson in the Western Pacific. I am his guardian, because his mother is recently deceased. I am here because his safety, and the safety of other sons and daughters in the military, is at risk.

I am not speaking to the immigration ban, which is unnecessary for the security of our homeland. I am speaking to the process by which the President got to his executive order.

President Trump did not vet his executive order with the Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of State, the Customs and Border Officers, or even his own Vice President, who is on record as saying that such a ban would be unconstitutional.

The President didn’t want other opinions because power has intoxicated him and those around him. The problem is one of temperament and character. That will not get better. It will get worse. Trump is unfit to be President and he is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. When he does not consult established governmental institutions, when he acts punitively and impulsively, he puts our military, and my family, in unnecessary danger.

As a constituent in your district, I expect you to speak out against this unnecessary immigration ban. I expect you to voice your concern that the President and his advisor Steve Bannon acted without the counsel they needed. A tactic exactly like this one will start our next war. As your constituent, I want to meet with you.

Finally, when the House has to vote on impeachment—and it will—you need a simple majority. That will be a defining moment for you, Mr. LaHood. I hope you will stand for what is right for our country.

Very truly yours,

Dr. R. Kay Moss