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afternoon at the zoo and other good things about my birthday

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A new purple water bottle.

New hair bands to tie back my hair during yoga.

A free “Nutty Professor” birthday smoothie at Four Seasons.

Drinking my smoothie with Tom and Vicki.

Roses, from Tom. A beautiful surprise.

A warm fall afternoon.

Holding Tom’s hand while we walked through the zoo.

His patience, as usual, while I took photos of animals.

Talking to Katie while I opened the new hair dryer she gave me.

A voicemail from Reva wishing me happy birthday.

Lots of birthday wishes on Facebook.

An unopened package on the dining room table.

Knowing Sarah and Eric will call.

Opening the package when they do.

a new camera

For my 58th birthday, Tom gave me a camera. Eric helped him figure out what to buy. The Nikon came with a 321 page user’s manual, not counting the index. I’m hopelessly lost just now. I take a class next week, but for now, I’m reading the manual, watching instructional videos, taking lots of pictures, and trying different settings.

Thank you, Tom. Let’s take pictures. The autumn light doesn’t wait long.