making a light box: day one

I want to build a light box so I can take photos of food, old square nails, and other things I haven’t thought of yet. I’ll put the box on an unused workbench in our basement. This project doesn’t take long unless you first need to clean out the basement, weatherproof the cellar door, hang curtains, and run a source of electricity.

So far, the best part of the job is finding a bottle of sparkling wine.  I took the wine upstairs. Then I finished cleaning up the area. The cellar door needed some new felt strips. It’s warmer now.

While I was at it, I hung an old curtain. I get creeped out at night if I can’t see someone looking in. No one looks in. I’m not that interesting.

With the workbench cleaned up, floor swept and curtains hung, it was time for supper and maybe some of the wine I found.

I’ll work on the light box tomorrow.