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life cycle of stuff

We live next door to undergrads. A college student can be one person in my office and quite another when drinking beer on his front porch. I guess the lease was up at the end of July because the kids moved out a couple days ago. The landlord cleaned out the house. I don’t understand abandoning this much stuff. Wouldn’t a mom notice that her son left home with a bed and dresser and kitchen table and chairs and didn’t come home with any of it?

Folks have taken a lot of it by now. The kitchen table went first, followed by the dresser. Guess the mattress and sofa are headed for the landfill.

In the great circle of life, undergraduates are headed back to campus in a couple weeks, in vans and U-Haul’s filled with more stuff.

our front porch

We spend a lot of time on our front porch. The porch swing offers a view of Franklin Park as well as the houses on Walnut. We live in an urban neighborhood. At least, it’s urban for a town in the midwest.

From our front porch, we see neighbors walking their dogs, a dad who jogs while pushing his stroller, and one thug who guns his motorcycle too fast. Mostly, though, we just swing, talk to each other, and enjoy a glass of wine and sometimes some supper.